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  • damian haynes Is anyone on here from moree or surround? Im keen to meet up with some new people as im new to the area
    August 19, 2015

  • Justin Redpath I live up FNQ and have permission to hunt a lot of aboriginal land as well as a lot of properties, all land up here is owned by somebody!! I'm sick of stopping tourists where I hunt and being told by them "i thought this was no mans land" or my mate said he just came back from the cape and he hunted all through here. So if anyone is thinking of travelling up here enjoy the place and have a good time but if you haven't got permission to hunt before you leave, leave your guns quads and dogs at home. Got woken up in the middle of the night on fri by 2 car loads of numb nuts with NSW number plates spotlighting the main road with 2 nobs standing on the back rifles, until I shined my torch from my swag they didn't even know I was there. Bloody road running poaching dickheads i'm sick of them. Will make it my mission this year to catch and prosecute as many of these numb nuts as I can. And catch a couple of pigs as well.
    Jul 12