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  • Posted On : Jun 16, 2019
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  • Description : "We looked up to see a big white boar running out from behind the windmill and Brad going for the rifle in the back of the ute."


  • By Nic Cook

    After many years of hunting Foxes and Rabbits and a slight delay due to the floods at the start of the year myself and my girlfriend Monique, her brother Brad and his girlfriend's brother Jake got the chance to go after some pigs on our maiden pig hunting trip. It was late October by the time we finally got to pack the Ute’s and head off on our first pig hunting trip. We left home at 9:30pm on Friday night and with an 11 hour drive ahead of us we were as keen as mustard and nothing was going to stop us until we got to our destination in Western NSW. We finally arrived the next morning at around 8, after meeting the property owners and a quick description and some helpful local knowledge of the property we were off to find a campsite. After a couple of days of seeing plenty of sign and a few nice billy goats that we managed to get a couple of but no pigs it was time to head out for a spotlight again. We had been spotlighting for an hour or so when I spotted some pigs moving off in the distance. 

    I aimed the .243 and let a shot off it was a hit, but the pig took off and after an hour or so of looking we came up empty handed and decided to come back in the morning to try and find it. We found it the next morning about 10 meters from where we last looked, and it was a nice 76kg boar for my first pig. The next morning we decided to move camp a bit closer to where we thought the pigs might be, as we were driving along, Brad suddenly slowed in front of us and before the ute had completely stopped, he was getting the gun out and aiming at a nice boar running off into the distance. He downed him with two shots, and he weighed in at 81kgs and a nice set of tusks for his first pig. The next day we decided to go for a swim in the bore and after an hour or so Brad got a bit bored and decided to go for a walk around the windmill, and then we hear “PIG, PIG, PIG.” We thought he was just playing another joke on us, and I’d only just climbed up the windmill about 20 minutes before.  We looked up to see a big white boar running out from behind the windmill and Brad going for the rifle in the back of the ute. 

    A quick-fire shot and we had an 88kg boar in the bag as we drove around the drying up lake late the next afternoon, which took us about 4 days to find on 250,000 acres. I spotted what I thought was a huge black log in the distance but after taking a closer look, I realized it was a mob of about 20 pigs. I quickly pulled out the rifle, lined up the biggest target and let off a shot, and he disappeared behind a bush. As we drove over to where we last saw him, I was quietly confident that I got him and sure enough I’d shot a very nice 92kg boar. Our final tally for the trip was 14 pigs, 7 foxes a couple of feral cats and some rabbits. Not too bad for our first ever pig hunting adventure!